NEB President Richard Snow writes "In Deed...It Is Time" to put Vision Into Practice

In Deed…It Is Time to Put Vision Into Practice

In a June 9th open letter, Nebraska District President and Synod President candidate Richard Snow reminded his voters and delegates of the unfulfilled dreams outlined in President Harrison’s 2008 campaign vision.  The problem? Over the past 15 years, the proposals that helped President Harrison get elected haven’t been implemented.  In fact, in some cases, the Harrison administration acted exactly the opposite of what he proposed.  Snow’s letter identifies what is yet to be implemented of Harrison’s stated vision — and some of the steps needed to put the vision into practice.

You can read Snow’s letter and evaluation here and download Harrison’s It’s Time to see if you agree with DP Snow’s evaluation.  Isn’t it time to put vision into practice?

In Deed, It Is Time

In his open letter, President Snow identifies some shortcomings of the Harrison record compared to his stated vision.  But Snow does more.  He develops strategies to implement the best of the It’s Time vision and put the vision into practice.

Vision without implementation is like saying you love someone “in word” without deeds.  We all know how that works out from James 2:14-20.  An administration long in words but short in action won’t bless our beloved Synod’s work for Christ’s Kingdom for the sake of Jesus’ love.

Snow’s implementation plan calls for solid actions.  Don’t you agree In Deed, It Is Time – to put a good vision into practice?

Snow’s Four Priorities

“The quotes I have shared above are critical in my mind for the future of our beloved Missouri. Drawing from this document I would emphasize four priorities:

  • We are the body of Christ and need to deal broadly, under the Word and our Confessions, with the issues that bring tension and division. My frequent refrain in Nebraska is, “We cannot walk together if we don’t talk together, and we cannot talk together if we don’t meet together.” Though challenging and slow, this is where the fruit of unity is produced as we live under the cross.
  • Our focus needs to be directed to the local congregation as the primary locus of life together, mercy, and mission; and the local circuit as the fundamental building block of walking together (synod) for equipping and encouraging congregations and their workers. Most of our energy needs to be in service to the local congregation.
  • Relationships formed around the Word and our Confessions will lead us to doctrinal fidelity and faithful mission. These relationships will guide our bylaws. Unity will not come with more resolutions and tightened bylaws.
  • Finally, one area not addressed is worker wellness: spiritual, physical, vocational, intellectual, and, especially, relational health. Too often in caring for the Bride of Christ, we neglect our own bride and family. We want to encourage Sabbath rest, connection to God, time for self, marriage, family, and primary friendships.” [Emphasis Added]

Snow Has A Great Idea

As our dear Synod prepares to elect a new president through a June 17-20 voting process, consider whether Nebraska District President Richard Snow might not be the right person to implement the best of the It’s Time proposals.

After all, President Harrison has had 15 years to make his vision a reality – and it hasn’t happened.  We’ve just experienced more division, and little has been done to support the work of local congregations.  Contrary to his vision statement, Harrison centralized more power and control in the International Center in St. Louis and in the President’s office.  And centralization of control isn’t over.  Harrison’s boards and United List partners ask for more power to decide and control through bylaw changes proposed to the 2023 Synod Convention.

Hasn’t 15 years been enough time to implement a decentralized vision and make bold moves toward unity in the LCMS?

Our Congregations and Our Synod deserve more…and better.

It is time for “deeds” to match “words.”  In Deed…It Is Time shares a great pathway to fulfilling Christ’s mission and moving forward as a Synod.

If you are not a Presidential Voter or a convention delegate, please forward this email to those in your congregation and circuit who are.

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