Dr. Pat Ferry Explains His Vision and Plan for the LCMS

Pat Ferry Explains His Positive Vision and Plan for the LCMS

There is precious little information available from LCMS publications on any candidate for Synod President but the incumbent.  You can read the 100-word responses from all five candidates in the June/July print version of the Lutheran Witness.  Finally, as of June 2, electors who do not receive the printed Lutheran Witness — as well as the rest of Synod congregations — can access information about candidates for Synod President online at The Reporter.  That’s one place you can read about Pat Ferry’s positive plan for leading the LCMS.

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With limited information available from Synod, Rev. Dr. Pat Ferry shared a video on www.patferry.com that will help LCMS congregational members better understand why 21 veteran leaders in the LCMS — from former Lutheran Hour Speaker and Seminary President Dale Meyer — to former District, Synod, and Concordia University Presidents — to the former Lutheran World Relief and Concordia, Bronxville, President John Nunes have endorsed Pat Ferry for Synod President.

Pat Ferry Vision Video

Watch the video https://youtu.be/qTdVT02veXc or read from some selected quotes below to learn more about why these LCMS leaders endorse Pat Ferry for President.


A Needed Impact: Walking Together In Faith

The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod has been set aside for such a time as this.  The world is facing all kinds of challenges.  That’s true in our country.  That’s true everywhere you look.  But I believe we are particularly well-positioned to have an impact on the lives of others as we walk together in faith. [Emphasis Added]

The LCMS Needs A Culture Change To Prioritize Evangelism

First is evangelism: reaching out to our lost neighbor, our relative, our colleague, our coworker. It’s not a secret that the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has been in this precipitous freefall in terms of membership.  Our numbers are in great decline.

That’s not unique for us….but we shouldn’t accept that as a given. 

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”  But the Holy Spirit is as powerful as the Holy Spirit has ever been.  And so I think if we can help ourselves to kind of reinvigorate and reinvent our [LCMS] culture so that evangelism is the top priority for all of us, that will be a great blessing.  [Emphasis Added]

Excellent Christian Education Is A Key To Reaching Our Communities

Education has always been a strength of the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod at every level.  I think it’s important to champion and to celebrate our schools in all that they are doing.  Our schools have changed over the course of the last few generations.  We have many, many students who come to our schools now who are not Lutheran.  They come because we provide excellence in education.  That’s something that’s truly a point worth celebrating.

But while we’re providing them with the opportunity to meet their educational and academic needs, we’re also able to share with them the love of Jesus.  We’re the tip of the spear in many ways in our schools, reaching out with the love of Christ.  [Emphasis Added]

Church Workers Need Care — and Support

Church workers are in the trenches when it comes to the sharing of the Gospel.  How grateful I am for colleagues in the ministry:  pastors and teachers and other church workers.  It was a great privilege at Concordia to be a part of the preparation for many of them.  I was always enthused by their enthusiasm — their excitement to get out there into the harvest field.

But it’s discouraging and so difficult because I know so many now are facing burnout and disillusionment.  I think its critical at this moment to stand shoulder to shoulder, to walk side by side, to do all we can to support our workers in the Lord’s Church — to love them, to trust them, to work with them as they carry out their calling to which each of them has been called.

We Have A Bright Future

There’s a lot before us, in front of us, but I think walking together, working together, loving one another, loving our neighbor as we love ourselves, loving God with our whole heart and soul and mind, that the future really is bright for the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod.

Ferry Can Lead the LCMS

Veteran leaders endorse Pat Ferry for President because he has a proven track record of leading organizations through necessary change.  Think of how Ferry worked with Michigan President David Meier to combine and support Concordia Ann ArborFerry led Concordia Wisconsin so successfully that they could adopt a college in danger of closing and help it become a part of a thriving institution.

While our current leaders seem more focused on the past than our future and predict an inevitable decline in the LCMS, Ferry has the experience, vision, and strategy to lead, strengthen, and grow the LCMS as the principal Confessional Lutheran church in the world.

Share this video and the www.patferry.com website with your two congregational electors (one pastor and one layperson) before June 17.

The last election was determined with a majority count of 51.76% of votes. Your congregation’s votes make a difference!  This one will likely be just as close.  Voting for LCMS president takes place online June 17–20.

Our Congregations and the future of Our Synod — as well as our work for the sake of Jesus and His love — deserve the best leadership we have.

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