Congregations Matter© is a movement of churches, laypeople and pastors committed to the restoration of our Synod to its historic roles of strengthening and supporting congregations. That’s what our LCMS Constitution so plainly describes in Article III and VII.

Our work is simple — and hard:

We want to restore the Synod to its historic role of providing congregations with advice, encouragement, and resources to carry out their evangelical role of teaching and baptizing in their communities, as they see best fit for their own circumstances.

Our Synod has gotten away from its historic role and is more focused on concentrating all authority, direction, and control in the International Center in St. Louis and in the hands of a few. That is not healthy for our Church. The health of our Church is our local congregations.

We need your help. If you would like to join us in this effort, here are some things to do:

  • Sign up on our email list to receive new posts from this site so you can be informed on the issues.
  • Make sure your congregation passes resolutions to district conventions and national conventions that support this effort to turn the LCMS leadership back to its historic role.
  • Elect local delegates to the District and National conventions who will vote for the primacy of congregations, not the primacy of the Synodicial President and his administration.
  • When it comes to nominating men and women to serve as our leaders in Synod, let’s choose leadership that will support congregations, not use congregations to support them.

Congregations matter.

Reach out with any questions