Advice on Resolution 4-03

Resolution 4-03 (Today’s Business 1, Pages 102-104)  To Affirm and Continue Mission Priorities for 2023-26 Triennium

What should concern delegates?

The same centralization issues present themselves as with Resolution 4-03.  The BNM and BIM are tasked in Bylaws and with “gathering information…to facilitate the boards’ assessment and evaluation of the effectiveness” of Synod’s triennial mission and ministry emphases.  They are to report to District Conventions ( so the Districts can recommend future direction for the LCMS. That doesn’t seem to have happened (did you see the evaluation report at your District Convention)?

The fourth Whereas (Page 103, lines 13-16) identifies a “mixed reaction” regarding Synod’s current mission priorities among District Presidents and their staffs.

While quoting some of the Objectives our LCMS Constitution, Article III, gives to Synod, (Whereas 5, Page 103, lines 17-21), the emphases are cherry-picked.  Why not include Objectives 2 through 5?  Are we diminishing the need to strengthen congregations in their witness, recruit and train pastors and other church workers, help members respond to human needs, and support congregations and their schools as well as supporting Synodical colleges, universities, and seminaries?  There is no rank order in objectives and responsibilities our Constitution gives to Synod.  All are given equal weight.

What can be done about it?

Ask for the report from BNM and BIM about the “effectiveness” of the implementation of our current Mission Priorities, including their reported “mixed reaction” of District leaders. It should have been produced in advance of District Conventions, so it should already be completed and available today. Why is there no report from these boards regarding the effectiveness of our implementation — especially because they suggest we continue these emphases in the coming triennium?

Amend Whereas 5 (lines 17-21) to include all of Article III to remind delegates and congregations ALL of what Synod is supposed to be doing for us. 

Remove the final Resolve (Page 104, lines 9-12) because it contradicts the intent and direction of Bylaw 4.2.1.d.


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