Advice on Resolution 10-7

Resolution 10-7, Today’s Business 1, Pages 202-203, To Affirm and commend CCM Opinion 22-2980

What should concern delegates?

This resolution seeks to affirm CCM Opinion 22-2980, which requires District Presidents to give personal information on all candidates nominated by a calling congregation.  By requiring District Presidents to provide information on all candidates nominated by a congregation, CCM Opinion 22-2980 limits a District President and pits the rights and needs of one congregation and pastor with what is best (and wise) for another congregation and pastor. 

An example?  Is it right, fair, and wise for a pastor to be added to a call list of another congregation before he has served two years in his present call?  This opinion and resolution would require his name to be added to another congregation’s call list.  What about the church where he is presently serving?  Is anyone thinking of them?

This is a “disruptive” CCM Opinion for everyone involved.  District Presidents will no longer be able to quietly remove a name from a call list where a pastor is under discipline without being suspended, struggling with vocational issues, only in a current call for a short time, on candidate status because of an ineffective or combative ministry history, or otherwise serving in a sensitive time in their present call (such as was the case for some months during the COVID epidemic).

If Resolution 10-7 is not affirmed, does that make Opinion 22-2980 null and void?  This is the issue addressed by Overture 9-32.  Why has this CCM Opinion been brought to convention delegates when questions of other CCM Opinions have not?

What can be done about it?

Some simple questions need to be asked. 

Ask why, of all CCM Opinions congregations and districts have sought to review, the Floor Committee chose to present CCM Opinion 22-2980 for affirmation?

Ask if this CCM Opinion is not affirmed, does that mean it is overruled by Synod in Convention?

Ask to hear from several District Presidents about how CCM Opinion 22-2980 has disrupted their ministry to their district.  Have them describe situations where they have not provided requested candidate information to a calling congregation. 

Ask pastors and principals to speak about situations where their ministries have been hampered or harmed by workers being called to another congregation too soon — especially after a congregation has incurred expenses for moving or paid for educational advancement. 

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