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Advice on Resolutions from Our Congregations – Our Synod

Dear Milwaukee delegates:

As a part of our ongoing service to the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, Our Congregations – Our Synod will provide information to delegates and Synod members about reports and resolutions considered during the 2023 Milwaukee Synod Convention.  We will post daily happenings, responses to all the changes in Resolutions from the original Today’s Business 1, and our best advice on things to consider and nominees to serve the LCMS.

For the latest information, you can sign up for a daily email from Our Congregations – Our Synod by going to our website and subscribing to the Newsletter using the form in the sidebar on the right.  The website and newsletter will be updated each day of the convention.  You can also keep up with Our Congregations – Our Synod updates on our Facebook page.

I’m praying that all of us will leave this convention listening better to God and to one another, humble of spirit, repentant for some of the past, and unified for the bright future God has planned for us!  Let His Kingdom come and His will be done — in our lives!

Together in His service,

Rev. Dr. Charles S. Mueller, Jr., Editor

Recommendations for Nominees

Advice on Some Issues and Resolutions

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