Christianity Today Reports "A Mighty Controversy Is This Lutheran Catechism

Christianity Today Reports on LCMS Controversy

Christianity Today Reports "A Mighty Controversy Is This Lutheran CatechismWhile most LCMS work is generally ignored by Christianity Today (CT),  today is different. CT reporter Megan Fowler chased down the story of the controversy that’s arisen regarding the publication of Luther’s Large Catechism with Annotations and Contemporary Applications (LLCACA).

Our Congregations — Our Synod applauds Fowler’s even-handed reporting.  She recognized and researched the concerns expressed by layfolk and pastors alike.  In addition, Fowler reported the clear support President Harrison expressed in his statements.  You can read her report here.

Included in her report are links to articles and podcasts critical of the LLCACA.  You will want to read or listen to them.

Criticism Cataloged By CT

Some criticisms CT reported are important for any LCMS publication.  All of our documents that can be used to teach the Christian faith should be clear and unambiguous.

Others, however, may offend the sensibilities of most LCMS members.  Sadly, these include claims of anti-whitism, Communist and Marxist ideology, the “woke” agenda, and Critical Race Theory being inserted into LCMS theology.  Other criticisms claim biblical support for the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment.

In addition, some of these detractors make clearly racist remarks.  They speak of biblical support for favoring “native-born” Americans.  Surprisingly, some also suggest women should not author books or articles regarding God through which men could be taught.

You can read more about this controversy in two Our Congregations — Our Synod (OC–OS) articles:  SP Harrison Cancels Distribution of Large Catechism; and The Mobbing of a President.

Connection to the Election

CT Reporter Fowler concludes her article with this observation:

“Harrison is up for reelection to a fifth term at the triennial LCMS National Convention in St. Louis this summer. He faces at least one challenger in Pat Ferry, former president of Concordia University Wisconsin and Ann Arbor. Presidential nominations are due at the end of February.”

Our Congregations — Our Synod encourages participation in the nomination process and voting for Synod leadership.  February 28th is the deadline for nominating men for Synod President, Synod First Vice President, and Synod Regional Vice Presidents.

Share This CT Article

Sharing this CT article may help motivate your pastor or church chairperson to exercise your congregation’s right to nominate leadership for the LCMS.  The requirements may be found in the (OC–OS) article Nomination Deadline February 28.

Our Congregations and Our Synod deserve leadership that will help us make national news because of our faithfulness to Scripture, our love for one another, and our leading people to salvation through faith in our crucified Lord Jesus Christ.

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