Resolution 11-02 Advice

Resolution 11-02, Today’s Business 1, Pages 205-206, To Reject All Forms of Racism and Affirm Our Witness to All People

What should concern delegates? This resolution rejecting all forms of racism should be passed with amendments.  While well-meant in its broad-stroke condemnation of racism, it refers to “White Nationalism” without citing its close partner, so-called “Christian Nationalism.”  Christian Nationalism wickedly twists race and faith and national origin in a way detrimental to our neighbors and our Gospel proclamation to them. Some in the LCMS during the recent “Annotated Large Catechism Crisis” espoused this view. What can be done about it? Delegates will want to ask some questions and, at a minimum, amend the twelfth and thirteenth Whereases (lines 30-33) to include “Christian Nationalism” as a form of racism. Delegates should also consider amending the tenth Whereas (lines 26-27) to read “Whereas, as with all movements, proponents of BLM, DEI, and CRT are multifaceted, and some of their proponents include in their statements of support controversial aspects and theories as well