Advice on Resolution 11-06

Resolution 11-06, Today’s Business 1, Pages 208, To Oppose Mandatory Registration of Women into the Draft

What should concern delegates? This resolution will most likely come at the end of Committee Eleven’s time on the floor.  That doesn’t mean it can’t negatively impact the LCMS and individual members seeking to be classified as conscientious objectors.  Because this resolution objects to the possibility of the registration of women for the draft on religious grounds, it is akin to taking a doctrinal position on the draft.  The CTCR has not produced a statement against the government drafting men into the military in time of war or national need — nor has the LCMS considered it.  So is this resolution proposing a doctrinal position or a cultural position? If we in the LCMS don’t object to women serving in the military voluntarily, then do we really have religious grounds to speak against women serving in the military involuntarily? This is a confusion of the Two Kingdoms and a confusion