Leadership Makes a Difference: Time for Change

Watch David Maier’s June 4th Town Hall Meeting

It’s vital for the 12,000 Synod President electors to hear from all of the candidates.  While the Synod President has the Lutheran Witness, Reporter, and official blogs to connect with voters, electors must hear from the other candidates, too.  Eight candidate questions in the Lutheran Witness published three weeks before the election are a beginning (click here to read them)Wise electors will seek more information before making their choice for Synod President June 22-25.  And they will watch Maier’s latest Town Hall Meeting video.

Town Hall Meeting Video Available

Thankfully, on June 4th Rev. Dr. David Maier traveled to a church plant in Saint Peter, MN to be the guest at an Imagine Facebook Live Town Hall (https://www.imaginelcms.com/).

Pastor Maier discussed his hope for the future of the LCMS and answered questions from FB Live and the audience in attendance. This event was open to the public.  Click on the video below to for the interview moderated by Dr. Dean Nadasdy, former LCMS Vice President, Minnesota South District President, Pastor and seminary professor.


David Maier would be an excellent choice for Synod President. He has the support of many across the Synod who are hoping for a positive change, transparency, trust and leadership.  This is a vital moment for our Synod.  Watch David’s videos.  You can see others on the ImagineLCMS website — or follow the Imagine Facebook Page — or watch David’s “A Visit With….” interview done by the Southeastern District.

As Pastor Maier says, “Its about transparency.  Its about collaboration.  It’s about trust.”

Imagine if those where the first words all of us used when we talked about the Synod President’s office, his leadership, and his actions!

Read Maier’s words.  Watch his videos. Pray.  Talk to your pastor and lay elector about the importance of this election.  Read what others are saying about the candidates.

Then ask God’s Holy Spirit to lead your congregation’s electors.  They will vote from June 22nd through the 25th and cast their electronic ballots for our next Synod President and the future of our Synod.

Congregations — and transparency, collaboration and trust — matter.

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