Three of five candidates for Concordia University Irvine president were blackballed by Harrison.

Warning to Concordia Universities

On April 12, in an open email sent to scores of Concordia University Irvine (CUI) faculty and staff, it appears Synod’s current administration is manipulating CUI’s Presidential selection. Click HERE to read the April 12 email.

A result many on campus had predicted months ago appears to be happening: current LCMS President Matthew C. Harrison seems to be hijacking the search’s final steps and is interfering in the selection of the next President of Concordia University Irvine.

Prior Approval Is A Joke That Isn’t Funny

The CUI search committee and Board of Regents worked prayerfully for many months and then forwarded their top five candidates on for prior approval.

Three of their top five highly-qualified finalists were black-balled.  CUI had spent many months identifying outstanding candidates, such as top executives in LCMS academic institutions with proven track records.

Why weren’t ALL 5 of the outstanding finalists approved?

Hard Work Was In Vain

Concordia University Irvine had anticipated the hard work of their search committee might turn out to be in vain. So, early in the search process, CUI sought assurances from Harrison that he would not arbitrarily block finalists sent to him for prior approval. But what happened?

60% of CUI’s finalist candidates were vetoed. The excellent and prayerful work of the CUI Presidential search committee and Board of Regents was not valued by Harrison.

Call for Action

Help Congregations Matter restore our Synod. Nominate a new Synod President who will be a team player. Tell others about the damage being done to our Concordias. Matt has closed Selma, and now he’s turning the outstanding search work done at Concordia Irvine into a speed bump.

Congregations — and our Concordias — matter. 

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