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Watch the Future of Concordia Unfold May 17

All of us are concerned about the future of our Synod.  That’s why we need to be concerned about what’s happening at our seminaries.  Especially now, as the seminary’s annual goals and budget are being considered by the Board of Regents of Concordia Seminary, we who believe Congregations Matter© need to understand and carefully watch their decisions and actions.

Why Is This Happening?

Dr. Dale Meyer, President, Concordia Seminary
Dr. Dale Meyer, President, Concordia Seminary

In the past few months, Dr. Dale Meyer, President of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, received a number of requests from pastors for an update on how seminary education is funded.  They wonder how the St. Louis Seminary is strategically working to address the future needs of theological education.  In response to these requests, Concordia Seminary will be hosting a live webcast of a Convocation on May 17, 2017 from 4:00 to 4:30 p.m CDT.  The webcast will originate from Werner Auditorium on campus and is open to the public.  The live stream can be seen on the Seminary website at

Dr. Meyer has something he wants to share with the Synod.  Let’s make sure we are watching…and listening.

What Will We See?

Dr. Meyer’s will explain what next year’s spending plan for the seminary hopes to accomplish.  This and the future of seminary education will be the major focus of the live- and web-meeting.

“The convocation, with the theme “Concordia Seminary and Congregations,” will include remarks by Seminary President Dr. Dale A. Meyer and other Seminary faculty members and leaders. Topics to be addressed include the M.Div. residential program curriculum revision, new student recruitment, the Generations Campaign, financial aid and the library renovation.”

More than learning about the “dollars and cents” of the Seminary, you should plan to watch this event because it will give you a real sense of the plans and focus for theological education at the Seminary in the coming years.

What Is Our Seminary’s Direction?

When Dr. Meyer announced the $180 million “Generations” campaign, he explained the direction of this campaign — and the direction of the seminary — in this way:

“The Generations Campaign is going to help ensure that our families for generations to come will have the opportunity to hear the truth of Jesus from pastors who know it and model it in their lives.  Many of us were privileged to grow up in strong congregations.  I want my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren to have that same rich spiritual experience that I have had and you have had.  Concordia Seminary is all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ for all people and, now especially, for coming generations.”

President Dale Meyer, Concordia Seminary Magazine, Winter 2016, Page 29

Jesus for the generations.  Our children’s children hearing of His love for them.  Reaching, teaching and engaging the world with the message of hope and forgiveness in our Lord’s name.  This should be what seminary education is all about.  Right now, Seminary education is one of the “bright lights” of all that we do in the LCMS for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

Let’s keep those bright lights going because congregations matter — and we need good pastors.


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