Congregations Matter Recommended Nominees for LCMS Tampa Convention 2019

REVISED Congregations Matter Recommended Candidate List

Congregations Matter developed its recommended candidate list to represent “middle Missouri.”  All nominees were considered.  The list reflects Congregations Matter’s work to return our Synod to its constitutional Article III and Article VII responsibilities of supporting congregations in their work for Jesus.

Click here to view and download a PDF copy for printing. Delegates have been mailed a copy of the list.

None of the people recommended by Congregations Matter were asked if they wanted to be included on the list. Some will be surprised that Congregations Matter encourages their election or re-election. Our reasoning is simple:  we believe the LCMS should reflect ALL of us in Synod, even some who disagree with us.

The team that worked through this process asked for recommendations and evaluations of candidates from people across the U.S. in their work to compose this diverse list from all “sides” in the LCMS.

Delegates may consider this list an alternative to the United List.  As noted in earlier articles, we believe United List candidates have generally led the Synod in the wrong direction toward greater control and centralization of power.  Currently more than 80% of all elected or appointed positions (click here to see a list of them) are held by those endorsed by the United List (click here to read more about the problems caused the United List majority).

Candidate List for the 2019 Tampa Convention

KEY: *= Incumbent; ( ) = District; Rev.= Pastor; Tchr.= Commissioned Teacher or Principal; DCO= Dir. of Christian Outreach; DCE= Dir. of Christian Education; Dr.= Ph.D., M.D., or other doctoral degree; Atty.= Attorney or judge.

NOTE:  When there are floor nominations (Layperson, CTCR and Commissioned, Concordia STL) we recommend voting for the first person if they are still available for service.  Where there are multiple candidates listed for the same position listed (e.g., Ordained, Concordia Hist. Inst.), we recommend voting the first name until that person is elected, then vote for the next person listed, et cetera.

First Vice President

UPDATED: Of the five pastors President Harrison proposed for First Vice President of Synod, Congregations Matter believes Rev. Dr. John Wohlrabe will serve the LCMS best in this role. 

Regional Vice Presidents

Central: Rev. Dr. Dan May (IN) (click here for details)

East-Southeast: Rev. James Wiggins, Jr. (FL-GA) (click here for details)

Great Lakes: Rev. Byrene (Keith) Haney (NID) (click here for details)

Great Plains:  Rev. Dr. Dean Nadasdy (MNS)  (click here for details)

West-Southwest: Rev. Dr. Larry Stoterau (PSW) (click here for details)

Secretary of the Synod

Rev. Dr. Jon Braunersreuther (TX)

LCMS Board of Directors

Commissioned At-Large:  Dr. Steven Buuck (MNS)

Layperson Central:  Chuck Anderson (MDS)

Layperson West-Southwest:  Dr. Jesse L. Yow (CNH)

Layperson At-large:  Linda Stoterau (PSW)

Board for National Missions

Ordained/Commissioned Central:  Rev. Robert Leiste (KS)

Ordained/Commissioned Great Lakes:  Rev. James M. Hill (MI)

Ordained/Commissioned West-Southwest:  Rev. Dr. Glenn Fluegge (PSW)

Layperson East-Southeast:  Janis McDaniels (SED)

Layperson Great Plains:  Carla Claussen * (MNS)

Board for International Missions

Ordained/Commissioned East-Southeast:  Rev. Dana A. Brones (FL-GA)

Ordained/Commissioned Great Plains:  Rev. Dr. John Mehl (NB)

Layperson Central:  Cindy Rodewold (MO)

Layperson Great Lakes:  Michael Hopkins (NID)

Layperson West-Southwest:  Terence Lung * (CNH)

Commission on Theology and Church Relations

Ordained Parish Pastor:  Rev. Dr. Jonathan Blanke (SED)

Layperson:  Floor Nomination (Also Dependent on Other Elections)

(1st Nominee) Atty. Gordon David Tresch (EA); or
(2nd Nominee) Patricia Kym (TX)

Concordia Historical Institute

Ordained:  Rev. Robert Roethemeyer (IN)

Ordained:  Rev. Dr. David P. Rowold (New England)

Commissioned/Lay:  Kathleen Graumann (TX)

Concordia Publishing House

Layperson:  Kent Michael Warneke (NEB)

Layperson:  Atty. Heidi Abegg (SED)

Layperson:  Kimberly Cornett (NEB)

Layperson:  Sara Mulso (MNS)

Lutheran Church Extension Fund Board

Ordained:  Rev. Dan Schepmann (TX)

Layperson:  Ruben Martinez (PSW)

Layperson:  David Worthington* (FLGA)

LCMS Foundation Board of Trustees

Ordained:  Rev. Dr. Ralph Blomenberg (IN)

Layperson:  Atty. Glenn E. Van Velson (NEB)

Concordia University System Board

Ordained:  Rev. Kurtis D. Schultz (SO)

Concordia Theo. Seminary, Fort Wayne

Ordained:  Rev. William Cwirla (PSW)

Ordained:  Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Skopak (FL-GA)

Commissioned:  Dr. Mark Meehl (NEB)

Layperson:  David Daniels* (SED)

Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

Ordained:  Rev. Allen (Al) F. Doering (TX)

Ordained:  Rev. Dr. Michael E. Hayes (PSW)

Commissioned:  Floor Nomination (Also Dependent on Other Elections)

(1st Nominee) DCO Susan Kay Hewitt (MNS); or
(2nd Nominee) DCE Brett Bortnem (TX)

Layperson:  Linda Stoterau (PSW)

Concordia College New York (Bronxville)

Ordained:  Rev. Dr. Jon Diefenthaler (SED)

Commissioned:  Dr. Ross E. Stueber * (NID)

Layperson:  Scott Michael Sadlo (NJ)

Layperson:  Atty. Gordon David Tresch (EA)

Concordia University Chicago (River Forest)

Ordained:  Rev. Thomas J. Egger (MO)

Commissioned:  Tchr. Carol (Umbach) Johnson (NJ)

Layperson:  Alison Christine Witte (OH)

Layperson:  James Max Riske, Jr. (MI)

Concordia University Irvine

Ordained:  Rev. Scott C. Klemsz * (CNH)

Commissioned:  Tchr. Jeffrey Scott Beavers * (PSW)

Layperson:  Peter K. S. Lee * (PSW)

Layperson:  Brian Takashi Yamabe (CNH)

Concordia University Nebraska (Seward)

Ordained:  Rev. Brad Evan Birtell (NEB)

Commissioned:  Tchr. Robert Scott Fogo (PSW)

Layperson:  Jill M. Johnson * (NEB)

Layperson:  Timothy L. Moll (NEB)

Concordia University Portland

Ordained:  Rev. Jonathan Coyne (CNH)

Commissioned:  Tchr. David William Black (RM)

Layperson:  Laura Grace (Davis) Hemminger (NOW)

Layperson:  Brian Takashi Yamabe (CNH)

Concordia University St. Paul

Ordained:  Rev. Dr. Brent Parrish (MNS)

Commissioned:  DCO Susan Kay Hewitt (MNS)

Layperson:  Lane C. Nordquist (MNS)

Layperson:  Amy Sue Wenthe * (MNS)

Concordia University Texas (Austin)

Ordained:  Rev. Michael P. Dorn (TX)

Commissioned:  Dr. Mary Beth Gaertner * (TX)

Layperson:  Arne J. Almquist (TX)

Layperson:  James P. Noffke (TX)

Concordia University Wisconsin (Mequon)

Ordained:  Rev. Mark P. Braden (ENG)

Commissioned:  Dr. Gary Petersen (SW)

Layperson:  Deborah Davidson * (SW)

Layperson:  Alison Witte (OH)

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