It's time to nominate David Maier and Tim Klinkenberg for President

Nominate New Leadership in the LCMS NOW!

In the first week of October, each member congregation of Synod received a nomination packet containing official ballots from the Secretary of Synod. This is an important moment for the LCMS we can’t ignore.

Our Synod bylaws give all member congregations both the opportunity and the responsibility to direct our Synod by nominating the best people God gives to lead us.

The pastors we nominate for these positions will either lead our Synod to an even greater centralization of power — or, by changing our current administration, new leadership will focus on serving congregations and the mission of Christ’s Church.  Congregations Matter believes it’s time for a change.  Nominating new leaders starts that change.

Don’t Misplace the Packet

The material sent from the Synod Secretary includes the following:

  • One Ballot for the nominations of President and 1st Vice President of Synod along with one BLUE envelope to return the ballot to the Accounting Firm in St. Louis responsible for verifying and counting these nominations; and
  • One ballot for the nomination of your Regional Vice President along with one YELLOW envelope to return the ballot to the International Center in St. Louis where these nominations will be counted.

Both of these forms are important.  They are numbered and coded.  If they are lost or misplaced, these official ballots must be replaced by contacting the Secretary of Synod in St. Louis.  No photocopies or other forms of nomination may be substituted.

Ask your pastor or church officers if the church has received this packet and where it is being kept — and when your congregation’s nominating meeting is schedule.  If your church has not received a nomination ballot packet from St. Louis by now, make sure you contact the Secretary’s office at 888-843-5267 or 314-996-1415 immediately.  If you have not scheduled a nominating meeting, do so now.  The deadline for nominations is February 20, 2019.

Who May We Nominate?

The President and First Vice President nominees must be rostered Ministers of Religion-Ordained of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and members of voting congregations. Both positions are full-time executive positions.  Both serve on the Board of Directors of the Synod, the President as voting and the First Vice President as non-voting members.

The information required on the ballot is simple:  Name, City, and State of the pastor nominated.  The ballot allows for you to nominate TWO candidates for the office of President and TWO candidates for the Office of First Vice President.

While each congregation has the right to nominate whom they choose, Congregations Matter suggests two names for President — Pastor David Maier and Pastor Tim Klinkenberg — and five names for First Vice President.  Click on the names listed at the bottom of this article to read more about these candidates.

Regional Vice Presidents Are Important, Too!

The Regional Vice President nominees fulfill duties as assigned on a part-time basis and stand, as ordered by the convention, in line of succession to the First Vice-Presidency of the Synod.

The nominees for the office of Regional Vice President MUST live within the geographical boundaries of the region they are nominated to represent.  In other words, these pastors must live in the same geographic region of your congregation.  CLICK HERE for a map of Synod’s regions to determine your congregation’s region.

The ballot allows for you to nominate TWO candidates for the office of Regional Vice President of the region in which your congregation resides.

It’s About the Will of Your Congregation

These ballots are to express the will and consent of the local congregation.  Therefore, ballots require a meeting and approval by the decision-making entity of the congregation.

Depending on the local congregational constitution and bylaws this may be:  The Voter’s Assembly, the Church Council, the Executive Board, or the Board of Elders.  This will vary from congregation to congregation.

Once the decision-making body has chosen their nominees for President, First Vice President, and Regional Vice President, the names (along with city and state), write those names on the official ballot.  Have the Recording Secretary and Congregational Chairman sign them.  Don’t forget to write the date of the meeting on the ballot.  Then place the ballots in the proper envelope (BLUE for President and First Vice President and YELLOW for Regional Vice President).  They are self-addressed and stamped.  All you need to do is drop them off at the post office.

There is one catch:  THEY MUST BE RECEIVED  BY WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2019.

Congregations Matter Has Some Suggestions

Congregations Matter has a list of qualified candidates that we would like you to consider for these important offices.  Congregations Matter is a movement within the LCMS that wants to restore the Synod to its historic role of providing congregations with advice, encouragement, and resources to carry out their evangelical role of teaching and baptizing in their communities, as they see best fit for their own circumstances.

Our current Synod leadership has gotten away from its historic role, and is more focused on concentrating all authority, direction, and control in St. Louis. That is not healthy for our Church. The health of our Church is our local congregations.

Nominate TWO Candidates

Remember, our Bylaws allow each congregation to nominate TWO people for each office.  Our Synod voters deserve the opportunity to consider the very best leaders we can find to serve our congregations.  The work of the Church of Jesus Christ deserves nothing less.

Leadership in the church matters — and when it comes to the process of raising up those potential leaders through the process of nominations, CONGREGATIONS…and the people congregations nominate…MATTER!

Suggested Candidates from Congregation Matters

Synod President

First Vice President Nominees

 East / Southeast Region Vice President Nominees

Great Lakes Region Vice President Nominees

Central Region Vice President Nominees

Great Plains Region Vice President Nominees

West / Southwest Region Vice President Nominees


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