Nominate Pastor Tim Klinkenberg for Synod President

Nominate Klinkenberg for Synod President

In an address delivered in August in Chicago to national leaders, Pastor Timothy Klinkenberg gave a positive message for our Synod answered with a standing ovation.  It was clear to all in attendance that Tim Klinkenberg is a leader for our Synod’s future.

Tim is proud of our Synod’s identity as People of the Gospel

Throughout his speech, Tim showed his pride in our Scriptural integrity and our congregations.  His focus?  “We are evangelicals, people of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

And he acknowledged the challenges we face, observing, “We are confronted by cultural leaders and dominant media that reject our faith and reject our truth.

Click here to read more about Pastor Tim Klinkenberg and why Congregations Matter believes he should be considered by voters for Synod President.

Push forward in faith

Rhetorically, Tim asked his fellow LCMS leaders:  “How will we respond?”

Next, he laid out two starkly different choices, saying,

“We could withdraw into ourselves out of fear of rejection, or failure, and because the prospect of a struggle without any sort of end point is too much — and withdrawing is just easier … or, we can press on … we can push forward in faith to reach all nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ — to those who don’t believe — wherever they are, and whoever they are, and whatever their lifestyle.  The call is to go to all nations and teach and baptize.”

Challenges President Harrison’s dark demographic predictions

For years, our current Synod President has publicly promoted his dark demographic studies and has repeatedly predicted our beloved Synod will decline by another 500,000 and more people in the next decade.  Senior Pastor Tim of St. Johns in Orange, California, knows first-hand about changing demographics, saying,

“I for one have heard a lot of talk about demographics, … and living in California I can tell you that we live at the bloody edge of demographic shift…Declining membership seems to be (our current Synod leaders’) dark vision … should (it be) unchallenged because we are fearful, or tired, or out of new ideas?

Then Tim galvanized his audience when he boldly declared:  “I’m sick of hearing about how the LCMS is going to lose 500,000 people …”

Profound opportunities for our Synod

Finally, Tim closed his positive message on a high note in saying, “The LCMS has profound opportunities.…with new leadership, we will go in a new direction.”

Nominate David Maier and Tim Klinkenberg for President

Congregations have received ballots to nominate two men for Synodical President.

Both Pastor David Maier and Pastor Tim Klinkenberg voice a positive vision – in direct contrast to the dark views of Synod’s current President Matt Harrison who openly speaks of Synod shrinking by 500,000 and more people during the next decade.

Please nominate both David Maier and Tim Klinkenberg for President and mail your ballot soon.

New Presidential Leadership – and our congregations – matter!


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