Deadline for Elector Registration for Synod President is March 24, 2019

March 24 Voter Registration Deadline Fast Approaching

A bylaw change happened in 2016 and presidential election procedures have changed for 2019.  The deadline is near.  Each congregation must register their pastor and a designated lay person with the Synod in order for them to be eligible to cast their congregation’s two votes in this June’s Synodical Presidential election!

March 24 is the deadline to register.  Do not assume that your electors have been properly registered!!  Congregations are urged to call Secretary John Sias and confirm their pastoral and lay electors have been properly registered.

Please call or email the Office of the Secretary TODAY and verify your pastor and a designated layperson are correctly registered to vote in the Presidential election.

Rev. Dr. John Sias, Synod Secretary
314-996-1415 – direct — email

If you haven’t yet turned in your registration, ACT NOW!  If you have lost or misplaced your registration forms or your pastor or lay elector has changed, Substitute Voter forms and Update forms for changes in contact information are available.  

Registration mistakes by St. Louis discovered

More congregations are discovering their registrations of pastoral and lay electors are being mishandled by the Synod Secretary’s office.

Here is the email reply one congregation received from Secretary Sias’ office after complaining their layperson was left off their registration form:

“It appears that it was a data entry error on our part while proofing. When we sent out the letters we were still working through verifying all the registration data that had been entered. Your lay voter’s information was updated during that time.”

What does this mean?

We cannot read the Synod’s Secretary’s mind, and his reply is confusing.

Does it mean:  “We are entirely responsible for the mistake you found on your Synod President Voter Registration Form.  We thank you for catching our error.” 

Does it mean:  “We sent out confirmation letters before we even finished proofing the information.”

Let’s all help Secretary Sias restore confidence in this election.  Call or email him TODAY!

Congregations… and secure, verifiable nominations and registrations… matter!


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