David Maier Elected to Chair the Council of Presidents

Maier Elected Chair of Council of Presidents

Michigan District President David Maier Chosen to Lead the Council of Presidents
Michigan DP David Maier is trusted to lead the COP by his peers.

Rev. Dr. David P. E. Maier has been elected as the new Chair of the Missouri Synod’s Council of Presidents (COP). Pastor Maier will serve a three-year term. Rev. Richard Snow was elected as Vice-Chair, also for a three-year term.

Rev. Maier’s selection as chair by his peers in the Council of Presidents comes after almost nine years of service with them on the Council as President of the Michigan District. Pastor Maier was elected by the full Council which consists of his 35 fellow District President peers and the Praesidium of Synod which is made up by the Synodical President and the five regional Vice Presidents.  His colleagues had ample time to observe his kind nature and leadership during his almost nine years of service among them on the Council.  They know him well, and have selected him as their leader.

David is a graduate of Concordia University Ann Arbor where he received his B.A. with a double major in Biblical Languages and Christian Doctrine. He then attended Concordia Theological Seminary Ft. Wayne graduating with an MDiv in 1982. David has received three honorary doctorate degrees. He served as a pastor for 27 years at three congregations, Our Savior, Marlette, St. Peter, Arlington Heights, IL, and Our Savior, Lansing before being elected to District President in 2009. He has served on various committees for Synod over the years.

David and his wife Pat have four children and two grandchildren and live in Michigan.

The Maier Family Legacy

David Maier follows in a family line of prominent Missouri Synod leaders. David’s grandfather, the now sainted Rev. Dr. Walter A. Maier, is something of a legend in our Synod. He served as the founder and inaugural – and long-time – Speaker for The Lutheran Hour, “Bringing Christ to the Nations.” Dr. Walter Maier also served as Executive Director of the Walther League, and was the youngest full Professor at Concordia Seminary St. Louis where he taught for many years. The senior Dr. Maier was also noted for refusing to let our church’s Wheat Ridge Tuberculosis Sanatorium close in the face of financial difficulties in the 1920’s. He led the Walther League in raising the funds necessary to refurbish the facility and continue its mission.

Walter A. Maier is standing in the back row, the second one from the left. This is a picture of the faculty of the St. Louis Seminary in 1927-1929.
Walter A. Maier is standing in the back row, the second one from the left. This is a picture of the faculty of the St. Louis Seminary in 1927-1929.

Reverend Maier’s father, Dr. Walter A. Maier, Jr., was a long-time and highly-revered Professor at Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne, where David’s brother, Dr. Walter A. Maier, III, also now teaches as a professor. David’s father also served admirably as a Synod Vice President. David’s uncle, Dr. Paul L. Maier, is the well-known Biblical historian, author, and apologist, and was also a Vice President of Synod for twelve years.

Showing What Determined and Optimistic Leadership Can Do

Reprising his grandfather’s role in meeting the challenges facing a Lutheran facility in Wheat Ridge years ago, David Maier met a similar financial challenge at Concordia Ann Arbor that threatened to close it in 2009.  Congregations Matter will recount the compelling story of that rescue in a future issue – we note here only that it is another instance of courageous and prayerful leadership having confidence that God can do immeasurably more than we can imagine – a valuable lesson for our Concordia system, and for our Synod in facing its own present challenges.

Congregations — and determined and optimistic leadership — matter!



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