Both Maier and Klinkenberg Support Both Our Seminaries

Maier and Klinkenberg Support Both of Our Seminaries

Which candidates for the office of President of the Synod can congregations trust to have the best interests of BOTH Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne AND Concordia Seminary in St. Louis in mind as they provide leadership to the LCMS?  Dr. David Maier and Rev. Tim Klinkenberg certainly can be relied upon to support BOTH of our seminaries!

Lutheran Education is Important!

Both Maier and Klinkenberg have made Lutheran education a centerpiece of their ministries throughout their lives. They both emphasized the importance their administrations would place on it, were they elected. Maier and Klinkenberg understand that we are never more than one generation away from an even more significant decline in the number of believers.

Lutheran education is a way to counter that — particularly seminary education.

Effective pastoral formation—delivered through what many believe are the finest two seminaries on the planet—is essential for the spread of the Gospel.

Maier Worked Successfully to Save Ann Arbor

As Michigan district president, Maier knows first-hand the challenges of higher education today.  Despite challenges from all around, including St. Louis, David Maier worked tirelessly to keep Concordia University—Ann Arbor open (read more about it here).

Concordia—Ann Arbor is now a thriving center for education, rather than a group of empty buildings being sold off at fire-sale prices like Concordia—Alabama.  With that kind of commitment to higher education, we could expect no less for the seminaries from Dr. Maier if he were elected President of the Synod.

Klinkenberg Is Committed to Education, Too!

Klinkenberg, too, is known for his support for Lutheran education. His leadership helped to turn around the enrollment at the elementary school at his congregation, St. John, Orange. It’s now one of the largest elementary schools in the LCMS!  Practical, pastoral experience in a congregation would serve him well as President of the Synod.

Desiring to encourage those at our LCMS seminaries, Klinkenberg has been a strong supporter of the “Friends of the Sem” event at St. Louis and the “Friends of the Fort” event at Ft. Wayne. These events seek to share the love and appreciation of a grateful church with professors and students with through gifts, events, and meals. Klinkenberg has the best interests of BOTH seminaries at heart!

Where the Heart is…

For both Maier and Klinkenberg, support for the seminaries is not just a matter of the head — it’s a matter of the heart. Both men, of course, are graduates of the church’s seminaries: Maier from Ft. Wayne and Klinkenberg from St. Louis.  What pastor doesn’t form an attachment to his alma mater?

Beyond that, for Klinkenberg, the support both seminaries through the “Friends…” events comes from a deep-seated care for the church’s seminaries. He knows that too often these institutions and the professors that serve them so well are under-appreciated.

Maier has deep connections to the Ft. Wayne seminary (he graduated from there and his father and brother both teach there). But it should not be forgotten that his grandfather, the renowned Dr. Walter A. Maier was a professor at St. Louis and was the first speaker of The Lutheran Hour, broadcast from that campus.

Both of Our Seminaries Matter

Maier and Klinkenberg have proven that they can be trusted with the future of our important seminaries. Should there be any change in leadership, they will be there, using their influence to find the most highly qualified replacement.  And they have both shown themselves adept at helping Lutheran education institutions survive and thrive, rather than close. They would provide leadership for LCMS seminary education congregations can count on!

Both Maier and Klinkenberg will serve as encouraging leaders with a positive plan.  Both will support both seminaries.  And both will choose a positive leader like them to serve as the next President of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, when Dr. Dale Meyer retires.

Congregations — and both our seminaries’ futures matter!

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