Texas District Censures President Harrison for Ignoring Resolutions

Harrison Called to Task by Texas District

On June 15, President Matt Harrison was called to task by a staggering 79% margin of delegates in assembly at the Texas District Convention.  Delegates adopted a resolution criticizing Harrison for not dealing with a resolution brought to the 2016 Milwaukee National LCMS Convention to overrule a Commission on Constitutional Matters (CCM) opinion restricting congregations in foreign mission work.

Synod bylaws require that the President of Synod see to it that floor committees dealing with overtures to overrule CCM opinions give a special report to the convention regarding their work with the overture (Bylaw (c)). No proper disposition of the overtures on this subject submitted from three LCMS districts, three district boards of directors, one circuit, and seventeen congregations was presented to the convention! The voice of the congregations was simply scuttled.

But Texas wasn’t done.  President Harrison suffered another serious blow during the gathering in Fort Worth.

“No” to Centralized Ecclesiastical Supervision

Texas delegates also adopted a resolution to overturn the 2016 unconstitutional ecclesiastical supervision power grab. By another overwhelming margin—72%—delegates adopted a resolution to amend the Constitution of the Synod to make it even MORE clear that the Synod President does not have ecclesiastical supervision of the individual members of the Synod. No centralized hierarchical power for the LCMS!

Regular readers of Congregations Matter will remember the flurry of public letters of disagreement written by our district presidents after the CCM “discovered”— and the United List BOD enacted — newly-found authority for President Harrison to be ecclesiastical supervisor of every ordained and commissioned minister and every congregation in the entire Synod.

Delegates at the Milwaukee Convention will never forget the cluster of district presidents standing in silent protest to Harrison as he grabbed for more and more power in Milwaukee.

The brave men and women of Texas stood up for congregations in the Missouri Synod.

Better Management

Also adopted were overtures calling for changes to the composition of the boards of regents of our colleges and universities to improve the management of our prized schools (by 62%) and, by an astounding 82% margin, a resolution calling for more financial transparency in — and more regular reporting of — Synod’s financial position.

Fairness matters…

Shared authority and accountability matters…

Our Concordias matter…

Faithful stewardship of precious dollars matters…

…because Congregations Matter!

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