Congregations Nominate Maier and Klinkenberg. They prefer their leadership over Matt Harrison's.

Congregations Call for New Leadership

Nomination results for Synod President have just been announced.  Fewer than half of the nominations submitted by congregations supported Matt Harrison for re-election, despite his unconstitutional postcard advice to pastors.

A strong majority of the nominations called for new leadership:  either Pastor David Maier, president of the Michigan District, or Pastor Timothy Klinkenberg, pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Orange, California.

It’s not a surprising result after the past few dismal years of Harrison’s presidency marked by blaming women for plummeting membership, holding disaster relief dollars in St. Louis, closing Selma, plans to centralize control of our Concordia System, and divisive decisions by him and his United List administration.

Strong Majority for Maier and Klinkenberg

Congregation’s nominations overwhelmingly supported David Maier and Tim Klinkenberg for Synod President in numbers which are far greater than all expectations.

David and Tim received a grand total of 1,585 nominations! 

By comparison, Matthew Harrison only received 1,181 nominations.  That’s far less than half of all nominations made by congregations, even with the postcard “bump” Harrison received by misusing the Synod President’s Office and offering unconstitutional advice to select pastors in Synod to gain nominations.

Congregations want new leadership

From every corner of our Synod, congregations are responding to Maier and Klinkenberg’s calls for unity and to their message of hope.

David and Tim want to restore the Synod to its historic role of providing congregations with advice and encouragement, and the resources to carry out the congregation’s evangelical role of teaching and baptizing in their communities, as they see best fit for their own circumstances.

Our Synod leadership under Matthew Harrison has gotten away from its historic role.  Harrison’s leadership is more focused on concentrating all authority, direction, and control in St. Louis (click here to read about President Harrison’s “Broken Promises”).  That is not healthy for our Church.  The health of our Church is our local congregations.

For a full list of the 2019 nominations, click here.

Pastors Maier and Klinkenberg will restore our Synod

Both Maier and Klinkenberg believe:

Our Synod’s future will be brighter than we can even imagine!

Let’s Make Our Synod Better Than Ever!

As you consider for whom your congregational representatives will cast your congregation’s vote for Synod President in late June, ask yourself:  “Would I be proud to someday tell others this man is our LCMS President?”

If the answer coming into your mind is not a resounding yes, keep looking.

Character, ethics and a positive outlook are essential in our next President (click here to read more).

To read more about David Maier, his history and vision for the LCMS, click here.  Congregations Matter introduced Pastor Maier in this article.  The Council of Presidents voted David Maier as their chairperson (read about it here).  Finally, Congregations Matter also featured Maier’s leadership in saving our Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

To read more about Pastor Timothy Klinkenberg, click here.  You can also click here to read his Facebook page LCMS ENCOURAGED AND ENCOURAGING.  The St. John’s, Orange California website will help you know more about Pastor Klinkenberg, his sermons and the congregation’s ministry.  Congregations Matter has also featured Pastor Klinkenberg in this article.

Congregations … and new Presidential leadership for our Synod … matter!

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