Hackers Take Over Congregations Matter Twitter Account

Congregations Matter Twitter Account Hacked

Sadly, today hackers took over the Congregations Matter Twitter account.  They posted items that made it seem Congregations Matter took positions on current events in the LCMS not aligned with our confessional stance.

Hackers continued to post new items during the day.  Surprisingly, these were responded to by others in the LCMS in an attempt to injure the reputation of Congregations Matter.

No Comment

We will not comment on their posts to keep from repeating their slander here.  We encourage others who have written posts in response to the hackers to do the same.

In addition, hackers also posted a horrible, juvenile picture of our Synod President, Matt Harrison, with evil intent.  We apologize on their behalf to President Harrison.

Our Response

About 5 p.m. on January 20, 2018 the hackers closed the account for the moment.  Unfortunately, because we are no longer in control of our account, they may put the site up again at any time.

The technical team of Congregations Matter is working with Twitter to identify the hackers.  We will attempt to return to Twitter as soon as we are able to secure our site and our reputation from these hackers.

We Will Not Be Silent

Our silence over the past several years does not mean that there is peace in our Synod or that we agree with its direction.

Sadly, too many of us have let our beloved Synod drift.  No longer will we stand by and let our Synod suffer.  We need a change of leadership if we are to return our Synod to her rightful work and advance the Kingdom of God.

Congregations Matter© is a movement of churches, laypeople and pastors committed to the restoration of our Synod to its historic roles of strengthening and supporting congregations.  That’s what our LCMS Constitution so plainly describes in Article III and VII.  And that’s what we propose as Synod’s best future.

It’s Time for a Change — And Our Action

Instead of serving the Church, our Synod leadership has tried to turn that around, expecting congregations to serve Synod.  It’s time to change that.  Our work is simple — and hard:

Congregations Matter© is a movement within the LCMS that wants to restore the Synod to its historic role of providing congregations with advice, encouragement, and resources to carry out their evangelical role of teaching and baptizing in their communities, as they see best fit for their own circumstances.

Our Synod has gotten away from its historic role and is more focused on concentrating all authority, direction, and control in the International Center in St. Louis and in the hands of a few. That is not healthy for our Church. The health of our Church is our local congregations.

Join our movement.  Don’t let the hackers silence you.  In the coming days your nomination of leaders — and later, your vote — will determine the direction of our Synod.

Either we will be the congregation-based Synod of Walther and others, or we will be a centralized, hierarchical church.  It’s not too late to return to our roots.  We must act now.

Congregations matter.



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