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You’re Invited to the New Facebook Page

At Congregations Matter, we would like to keep you up to date with our latest articles, blog posts, and events. To better serve you and the congregations of the LCMS, we launched a Facebook page: Congregations Matter.

There is an ever-increasing move towards a hierarchical structure for our national church body.  It is clear that our founding fathers never envisioned this for our Synod.  Power and control should not be centered in the Synodical Office Building.  Such hierarchical control hampers the local congregation’s mission and ministry.  Synod should support the local church, not control congregations.

NOW more than ever it is imperative for pastors and congregations to stay up-to-date and informed about what’s going on in the National Office — and what we can do about it.

The LCMS Constitution Reinterpreted

The LCMS Constitution, now being reinterpreted by the current leadership, is clear as to the congregational-based nature of the LCMS. The congregation-supporting web site, www.CongregationsMatter.com, strives to help the LCMS return to its historic roots as a congregational-based outreach ministry sharing Jesus Christ, through the Word and Sacraments, with the communities where they reside. Our Facebook page, Congregations Matter, is now live and is ready to keep you informed regarding the critical role of congregations (and yourself) throughout our Synod!

You Can Act

What can you do? Here’s four things as a start.

As a first step, please be sure to “Follow” and to “Like” Congregations Matter on Facebook.  Then “Invite” your friends to join you in this grass-roots effort to return the LCMS to its roots.  Next, review the Overtures Congregations Matter suggests and see if they don’t speak the mind of your congregation.  If they do, the propose them to your Voter’s Assembly (or similar group) and send them to your District Convention.  Finally, work with Congregations Matter to elect leaders in Synod who will support congregations, not use congregations to support them.

Congregations matter.

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