President Harrison Won the Election. Now He Must Work for Unity

Candidates for Office

Congregations Matter© is a movement of laypeople, congregations, pastors and other church workers within the LCMS trying to return our Synod to its historic polity of the national Synod supporting congregations in their work for the Kingdom.  Congregations are the Synod — and they matter.

Because we believe this so strongly, in the coming days you will find names of men and women listed on these pages we believe you should consider for nomination and election by our Synod.  If we are to change our Synod for the better, it is time to change our leaders — either in name or in attitude and spirit.

Why?  Because not everyone in our Synod believes and acts on our historic, Scriptural and Confessional stance that congregations truly matter — not Presidents, not Secretaries, not International Centers and national offices, not National or International Boards or Boards of Directors.  The LCMS is not a denomination with a ruling head.  The “head” of the LCMS is our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are a “Synod” where we walk together, not where we are forced to walk by a centralized, hierarchical government.  Our own Constitution says it in Article VII:  “In its relation to its members the Synod is not an ecclesiastical government exercising legislative or coercive powers, and with respect to the individual congregation’s right of self-government it is but an advisory body.”

Help Turn the Ship Around

Our Synod’s elected leadership has lost its focus on its first responsibility to serve congregations and assist them in their work for the Kingdom of God.  Many of our elected leaders are not focused on their historic roles. Instead, more and more power and decision-making responsibility is in the hands of fewer and fewer — and there is less and less opportunity for other voices to be heard.

We have been silent — and our beloved Synod has drifted off course.  It’s time all of us stop the drift and get the “Good Ship Missouri” back on our historic, Scriptural and Confessional course.

What Will We Do?

Congregations Matter© is a group of laypeople, churches, and pastors committed to the restoration of our Synod to its historic roles of strengthening and supporting congregations as our LCMS Constitution so plainly describes in Article III and VII.

We will be talking to members of Synod and congregations across the nation, gathering candidate names for your consideration for district and synodical offices — especially for Synodical President.  We will put forward candidates who believe as we do that Synod should serve congregations — congregations do not serve the Synod.

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Congregations matter.  Really.


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